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Discover the freshest flavours for the warmer months

Summer is here!

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Summer is here!

The days are getting get warmer, the sun is shining until later in the day and, finally, it is time to rest and relax – whether that is with friends, family or even in the comfort of our own company. It is time to enjoy the sunny mornings, picnics and sunsets. In order to enjoy what summer has to offer, Gallo offers you some of our best suggestions.

An active summer with Gallo

More than ever, it is essential to take care of our well-being, both physical and mental. We know that the sun helps, but we need to combine it with regular physical exercise and a balanced diet. Half an hour of physical exercise per day, lots of water as well as fresh, light and balanced recipes are on our menu. Get to know our suggestions below:

Add more flavour to your summer with Gallo

With the horizon as the limit, the bare feet days are back and we have the best tips and snacks to accompany you on these summer days. Try our recipes for memorable days full of flavour:

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