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A legacy with 100 years of history

In 1860, at his factory in Abrantes, Portugal, Victor Guedes dreamed of producing one of the best olive oils in the world. Thanks to his dedication, the Gallo olive oil was born. The brand was registered in 1919 and has kept on growing and innovating ever since, becoming a national and international reference. Today, Gallo’s century-old mastery offers you, not only the best olive oils, but also other products, always with a focus on quality.



Know our history
Throughout the Years

Gallo celebrates its first centennial


Over the course of 100 years, Victor Guedes’ dream has evolved and the brand has grown. Today, Gallo is a leading brand, present in more than 40 countries around the world, and its innovative spirit is still strongly present, represented in a wide portfolio of olive oils, vinegars, piri-piri and olives.

Our mission is not only to create high-quality products, but also to offer you authentic flavours that make the difference in your dishes. We believe that people get closer, important conversations are shared and relationships strengthened around the table, and we’re proud of being a part of these memorable moments in the lives of our customers since 1919.

Evolution of the brand over the years

Gallo exceeds the 200-award mark garnered around the world.The quality of Gallo olive oils and vinegars continues to be recognised annually.


Gallo goes with the flow of innovation by creating a new segment in the Vinegar market– Selected Origin Vinegar-, with the launch of the D.O. Madeira Wine Vinegar and the Port Wine Vinegar.

D.O. Madeira Wine Vinegar Film
D.O. Madeira Wine Vinegar

The latter was the subject of the film, shot on the slopes of the river Douro.

Port Wine Vinegar Film
Port Wine Vinegar

From the soil to the table, we introduce the new , made from 100% organic olives. And Piri-Piri Extra Strong is also launched in Portugal.


Gallo Olive Oil Bio

The film Flashback is released in Brazil, together with the #sabormemorável movement.

Flashback Film #memorableflavor

In line with Gallo’s growing concern with the environment, in 2018, Victor Guedes, Gallo’s manufacturing unit in Abrantes, becomes a CO2-free facility.


The brand moves into a new phase of communication, more emotional and focused on the memorable moments experienced around the table, represented in the film “Retrospectiva”, launched in Portugal and Brazil.

Retrospective Film - Portugal and Brazil

In Portugal, Gallo reinforces its range of Balsamic Vinegars with the launch of four new products – Cider, Rosé, Gourmet e Aged.

Range of Galician Balsamic Vinegars
Balsamic Vinegar Range Film

The new limited edition olive oil launched by Gallo, made from the first olives of the year, celebrates 25 years.

New Olive Oil 2015-2016

Victor Guedes obtains the FSSC 22000 certification. Promoting continuous improvement, the brand demonstrates compliance with customer legislation and requirements with regard to food safety.


Recognised quality. The Victor Guedes laboratories, which were already recognised by the International Olive Council (IOC) for physico-chemical and sensory analyses of olive oil, was accredited according to the ISO/IEC 17025 standard by the Portuguese Accreditation Institute (IPAC).


This accreditation reinforces and validates compliance with all Gallo brand quality standards.



Gallo debuts a new category of products, with the launch of Piri-Piri, which stands out for being made from the already renowned Gallo olive oil. One more innovation with the Gallo imprint.

Piri-Piri Gallo Original

The first advertising campaign aimed at the Angolan market is aired.

Olive Oil Gallo Angola Film

The 2012-2013 edition of Gallo Azeite Novo is launched with a global communication campaign.

Gallo Azeite Novo 2012-2013 Film
Gallo Azeite Novo 2012-2013

To ensure that olive oil doesn’t lose its quality from the moment it is bottled to the moment it is served, Gallo changes its bottles to dark glass, becoming a pioneer once again with this innovation.

Gallo Dark Glass Film
Dark Glass Bottles

As an innovative brand, Gallo launches new products in the Brazilian market, this time inaugurating a new category: Gallo Olives– because behind every great olive oil, there are great olives.

Olives Film
Gallo Green Olives

This year, for the first time, the company is also awarded the Marco Solinas international prize, the most important recognition of quality and flavour in the world of Olive Oil. Gallo also won this award in 2011, 2014 and 2015.

The Best Olive Oil in the World Film

“Tradições Renovadas,” a new TV commercial which strengthens the brand-s Portuguese origins, is also launched in 2010.

Renewed Traditions Film

In Brazil, an advertising campaign is launched to reinforce the legacy of the Gallo brand.

The Legend Film

Gallo launches a new communication campaign in Brazil, thus reinforcing its image in this market.

Invitations Film

Vinegars join the Gallo family.

Gallo Vinegars

The brand diversifies its business in Portugal with this new segment – launched in Brazil in 2008 – while expanding its Premium Olive Oil offer with the launch of Great choice, a cold-pressed olive oil with low acidity extracted from the best olive trees.

Premium Olive Oil Great choice

My First Olive Oil, created to meet the needs of babies, is also placed on the market. This olive oil was developed to contribute to a balanced diet and healthier growth, and can be used to prepare all kinds of dishes for children.

My First Olive Oil

Olive pastes also join the Gallo family, which continues to grow and innovate in several markets.

Receita de Portugal Film
Olive Pastes

Gallo launches Azeite Virgem Extra Frutado, and rejuvenates its image with new bottles, more modern but always faithful to the brand’s iconicity.

Azeite Virgem Extra Frutado Film
Azeite Virgem Extra Frutado

To communicate this change, the brand launches the film “Tirem-me Tudo” , one of its most poetic and profound ads.

Take me all Film
New Gallo Bottle

Gallo creates an exclusive campaign for the Brazilian market for the first time. Gallo also crosses the Atlantic in the area of communication.

Discovery Film
Extra Virgin Olive Oil

According to Nielsen data, Gallo becomes the leading olive oil brand in Brazil.


Gallo has always been committed to quality and to reducing its environmental impact. In 2002, Victor Guedes, the Gallo manufacturing unit, was accredited according to the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards.


Two new olive oils are placed on the market to reinforce the Extra Virgin Olive Oil range. Soft and Reserve join Classic.

So, Gallo expands its roots once again/span>.

Trio of Strings Film
Soft, Reserve and Classic Extra Virgin Olive Oils

Gallo innovates once again and expands its brand by developing a new segment of Olive Oils with Aromatic Herbs.

Olive Oils with Aromatic Herbs

It’s Christmas Eve, and the TV commercial “Missa do Galo”, which honours and strengthens the brand-s Portuguese origins, is aired for the first time. This film has become one of the brand’s most iconic ads, well-known among the Portuguese.

Mass of the Rooster Film

The TV commercial “O Mestre” , which takes us through different stages, from harvest to the table, is aired this year.

The Master Film

Launch of the first edition of New Gallo Olive Oil. An annual edition that marks the first harvest of the year. An emblematic olive oil for collectors, with a bottle that is redesigned every year..

New Gallo Olive Oil Film
First edition of New Gallo Olive Oil

The Gallo brand is acquired by Fima, a company of the Unilever and Jerónimo Martins group. From this point on, the brand expands, modernises and airs its first TV commercial in Portugal: “Origins”.

Origins Film

Industrial Expansion
Initially focused on the production of olive oil for export, in 1969 the company assumed a fundamental strategy change by defining as main objective the penetration in the domestic olive oil market. This was followed by a phase of strong industrial expansion, with substantial investments in the opening of new facilities and the modernization of existing facilities.

Packing line of Gallo Olive Oil bottles
Warehouse - Fábrica Vitor Guedes
Olive Oil distribution in the Algarve

Aiming at making a difference, since Gallo olive oil is also different from all the other olive oils, the brand launches a proprietary glass bottle, standing out in a market where all bottles look alike. Nowadays we can still find the iconic bottle, known as “ballerina,” in the Premium range.


Gallo takes flight. Internationalisation of the brand.

Following the acquisition of “União Industrial, Lda.” by “Victor Guedes & C.A.,” Brazil and Venezuela were the brand’s first cross-border targets, because they have large Portuguese communities. Since its early years, Gallo was focused on reaching out to all the Portuguese.

Laboratory Abrantes

Victor Guedes registers the Gallo brand. An olive oil with a unique flavour, which would become a national and, later on, also an international reference.

Registration of the brand Gallo

Legend has it that, one day, Victor Guedes opened his bedroom window after waking up. A cock was crowing loudly in the morning and, in that moment of inspiration, the Gallo olive oil was born. Due to Victor Guedes’ Galician origins, the brand was registered with two “L,” a spelling that remains to this day.


The Gallo Olive Oil was born in the late 19th century, in Abrantes, Portugal, in a manufacturing unit owned by “União Industrial, Lda. “Victor Guedes was only dreaming about what would later become a reality.

Factory in Abrantes