Extra Virgin

It’s the original Victor Guedes olive oil flavour, a balanced combination of flavours and aromas. With a balanced fruity, bitter and spicy flavour, and moderately sweet notes, it’s ideal for adding harmony and confidence in preparing the most varied dishes.


An olive oil with a strong personality, thanks to a combination of rich and persistent aromas and flavours. Bitter and spicy, with fruity notes, it will definitely be etched in your memory.

Olive Oil

For those who enjoy using olive oil in their culinary creations, this olive oil is suitable for daily use, replacing other fats. Replacing saturated fats with unsaturated fats in food contributes toward maintaining normal blood cholesterol levels.

Gallo D.O. Madeira Wine Vinegar

Gallo D.O. Madeira Wine Vinegar honours the characteristic traits of the wine from which it is made. It has a woody, discretely sweetened taste, with a balanced acidity and a bright amber golden hue.

Modena Balsamic

Born from an intriguing and delightful blend of traditional balsamic vinegar from Modena and sweet grape must in late harvest. Produced in oak barrels, it has a sweet-sour taste and aroma.


From the Land to the table, this is an olive oil made from organic olives, carefully selected, for those who seek to make sustainable choices. Authentic and in harmony with nature, a pleasingly fresh and slightly fruity flavour arises.